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Skin Care Routine?



Hello all, I have started to notice that my skin is getting noticeably darker then it use to be. my skin use to be quite light but now my skin is a lot darker. any tips on how to improve that? I might add that it may be due to sunlight because I recently joined a uni and have to walk in daylight. but i am not sure if its because of that. any Idea how to improve my skin color? what is your skin care routine for daily life? what products for skin care you use? Please share tips.


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24 Mar 2020

Hello Dear, well we are living in Tropical place which the whole year it will be sunny. There is always sun and its make our skin get hyperpigmentation because of sun light. 1st of all use sunscreen on your face and any area of skin which is not cover by your clothes. Like your hand. But in my experience I've use sunscreen on my face with SPF 50+++ and then I've used Nivea Body Serum Extra White or can choose other Nivea Body Serum other White variant to help brigtening your skin and protect your skin with UV protection. I think is enough because I'm not will sunbathing on the beach. If spend more time outside like sunbathing on the beach, Nivea Sunblock is the best option. Then I take shower with Goat Milk Shower Cream. I've just review the best one to moisturizing your skin and help to brightening skin is Leivy. Because I have take shower with bath lily so I don't need scrub my body. I've only used a safe product for body bleaching. The product is Naturale Brightening Cream is really work to tone up your skin tone. I've use this just 1 or 2 times a week. And my face is the most part of my body has easily get hyperpigmentation so I have used Safi White Expert day cream then still keep use sunscreen. You will amaze this Safi product help brightening your face, in my experience in 5 days only. I hope its help. Btw, last not least just for safety, I did buy all the products at the ecommerce official store. Especially Naturale, I heard many fake products. Just for your preference. You go to Shopee mall and then type product you have looking for. Example Naturale, and you will find the official store of that brand.